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Seven Signs You're Still Not Ready To Go Back To Work

Posted 12 January 2018 by Blog Author

Question: Is it too soon to go back to work?

Answer: Always.

Shout out to all our brothers and sisters out there who are still living the sleep-in life and hitting up the beach all day. We’re sorry to say that’s all coming to an end. We’re two weeks into Jan now; bludge life is over.

Are you ready to go back? If you show any of the below signs, we’re gonna say nah.

You use 25 desk lamps at once to keep your holiday tan strong.

Power bills, bills, bills.<

You’ve spent 35 minutes making a drink umbrella out of paper clips.

Oh we fancy.

You went online to check train times and have instead bought three new tops.

To be fair, it’s your last chance to shop the Huge Ducking SALE so we get it.

You left on a coffee run at 10am and walked straight to the beach.

Planning on swimming to Columbia to make that coffee from scratch?

You’ve challenged Sharron from the front desk to a lunchtime game of beer pong more than one.

And lost every time.

You just cannot decide on a work outfit.

Do you go with the bikini or the one piece?

It’s 2am and you have work tomorrow.

And you’re up reading this. And then checking your FB. And then your Insta. Rinse and repeat. C’mon man. Go TF to sleep.

Need some motivation to get up on time? Grab some new kit online and have it sent to your work. Now there’s something to look forward to.

Posted 12 January 2018 by Blog Author

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