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Seven Things You Gotta Do Before Summer’s Over

Posted 24 January 2018 by Blog Author

Reality check: we’re mid-way through Jan.

Just a second ago we were opening presents and stuffing ourselves with ham until we passed out, but really we’ve already put a big-ass chunk of summer behind us.

From Australia Day and Triple J’s Hottest 100, to Laneway and Mountain Sounds Festival, there is so much coming up to make your summer bigger and better than ever.

This is how you turn up the heat.

Get your tickets

Ok, so you’re set for Laneway and Mountain Sounds Festival. Good start. Now how ‘bout them sideys?

Our picks: The Internet’s solo led Internet Presents The Internet show and The War on Drugs sprawling guitar odyssey.

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Get lost

Take a weekend (plus a few sickies) to unplug from the urban jungle. All you need are your mates, a van and some cold ones to make it the perfect escape.

Lighten up your wardrobe

This summer is loaded with bright, bold and brave trends. What works with pretty much all of it? Linen. Whether it’s a fresh top, dress or a fresh bottom option, the light and breezy look is just so summer.

Re-create that old coke ad

You know the one with a surfboard, sand dunes and Paul Kelly pumping in the background? Sure it sounds dumb, but that’s kinda the point. Have a ball bombing dunes, listening to rad tunes and doing all sorts of dumb things.

Make a beer fort

Chilling out in a shady fort made of empty cases on a 40 degree day – brilliant.

Emptying the amount of cases required – even better.

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Find a new beach and keep it a secret

Comments on your Insta: Oh My God where is this?!

You: …

That’s your future if you nail this. Ditch Bondi and St Kilda and find some of our coastline’s hidden gems where you and your new swim can zen out.

End of summer house fest bonanza

Go down swinging at the end of this summer. By that we mean throw a huge rager so big the hangover reminds you why you party on a smaller scale during winter.

How many of these have you already nailed? Make sure you get each one done in style – hit the links and shop our new season drop!

Posted 24 January 2018 by Blog Author

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