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Your Favourite Record Picks Your Streetwear

Posted 16 November 2017 by Blog Author

Ever since Wu Tang came outta the gates with Wu Wear, The Beastie Boys hit us with the Volkswagen chain and RUN DMC made adidas Superstars must haves, our record collection has informed our wardrobe.

So when you’re looking for something fresh in this season, it makes sense to check your Spotify for starters.

You never know, your favourite record could be the key to taking your streetwear to the next level.

Press play on these classic records and see what fits.

1. Jay Z - The Blueprint

The Sound: This record is the ultimate summer album. Packed with good vibes, tight rhymes and soul beats from a burgeoning producer named Kanye West, Jay took his game to new heights. The Izzo video cemented Jay as the king of rap, stepping out of a stretch hummer with not only a hit hip hop single, but his first mainstream chart breaker.

Your Denim: This ain’t the Jay Z we know today. Forget the Tom Ford, we’re feeling 40/40 Club Hov. Think clean tees and fresh jerseys, finished off with all white sneakers.

2. The Notorious B.I.G. - Ready To Die

The Sound: If N.W.A gave us gangsta rap, Biggie perfected it. Every lyric on his debut draws you right into the streets and the penthouses of NYC. Choosing to rhyme over funky bass samples rather than hard style gangsta beats, Big makes this record perfect for late night cruising.

Your Denim: Biggie had a taste for the finer things and we’re totally on board. Mix in Storeroom Vintage Gucci with your streetwear faves for instant platinum status. Prefer to keep your tongue in cheek? Stussy have options for you as well.

3. TLC - CrazySexyCool

The Sound: The 1994 breakthrough from Chilli, T-Boz and the iconic Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez is often imitated but totally untouchable. These girls would roll outta bed and crack out r’n’b hits like they weren’t a thing. Creep and Waterfalls are total jams to this day and the instigator of so many car karaoke sessions.

Your Denim: TLC made some interesting fashion choices during their time at the top, but 9 times outta 10 they were killin’ it. All you need to get their look is a bodysuit or bandeau top and fresh track fit – total fire.

4. Drake - Views

The Sound: The pressure was on before Drizzy dropped Views. Nothing Was the Same and If You’re Reading This… cemented Jimmy from Degrassi at the top of the hip hop food chain. Luckily for us Drake thrives on pressure. This power pack of emotive bars and Calypso tinged r n’ b is the reason he just completed a massive stadium tour of Aus. When it comes to Drake vs. the world. Drake wins.

Your Denim: This is the perfect record for when you’re feeling yourself and want to shake your thing. Throw on luxe fleece track shorts, a decon crop and One Dance. You know it’s all you need.

Keep your streetwear as fresh as your record collection, hit the links to see our latest kit.

Posted 16 November 2017 by Blog Author

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