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Three People Who Rock Rose Print

Posted 21 August 2017 by Blog Author

There’s nothin’ wrong with being a flower sniffin’, kitty pettin’ softy. Just ask these guys...

Floral prints are set to blow up this season. We saw them first sprout during our winter festival outfitting, and now in this trans-seasonal period, they’re really taking over.

We all know the story with boho florals but what if your vibe is little more ‘after midnight?’ The answer is rose prints.

Vibrant rose details make it too easy to deliver flower power to your fave gig ‘fit without losing your edge.

Need something to kick start your inspo? Here are three weapons who are totally nailing it.

Katy Perry Bares All

Ok so K Pez fell off a little on her last record but her style game is still on point. Katy knows mesh and sheer fabrics are super important this season, but can also be super soft and femme. Embroidered rose details will create a dynamic contrast in colour and texture that toughens up your look.

You can create this same effect with two separate pieces. Try layering a rose detailed bralette under a mesh tee for your next late night ’fit.

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Selena Gomez’s Rose Revival

Rose prints can breathe new life into classic outfits. Selena’s bomber, white tee and cropped denim combo is an easy go-to, sure, but smash a mad print on her bomber and suddenly she’s rocking some straight fire.

Need more rose revivals. Old school ringer tees, summer dresses and band tees from Neon Hart and The People Vs. are all staples that will have you feeling brand new thanks to a floral update.

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Alison Mosshart Gets It Any Way She Can

Mosshart is mad for roses, but she isn’t gonna mess up her whole black on black denim look for it and you don’t have to either. We’re not saying to walk around with flowers over your eyes exactly – there’s a happy (read: sensible) medium.

If you want to punch things up with floral details, look to your leather accessories. Rose embroidered belts won’t make too much noise but will still enhance your outfit with a touch of southern goth cool. Kind of like a Gun Club record always playing in the background of your life.

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How many more ways can you work it in a vintage tee? Hit the links and show us what you’ve got.

Posted 21 August 2017 by Blog Author

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