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Posted 10 May 2016 by Blog Author


Tuesday, 10th May 2016

Chicago rabble rousers Twin Peaks have emerged from the garage to hit up some of Australia’s favourite venues on their first ever tour ‘round our way.

The band’s getting kitted up in GP threads before their Oxford Art Factory show, so we took the chance to have a chat with frontman, Cadien James about Aussie booze, basement shows and their new record Down In Heaven (dropping on May 13).

What can we expect from Down In Heaven? A big departure from Wild Onion or is it another evolution of the same sound?
I think it's always an evolution, but it's probably a departure as well. The production is a lot less coloured from post-production and more honest. It's a more sincere record, perhaps.

How come it has taken you so long to get to Oz? What are you looking forward to doing when you’re here?
We've been waiting to afford it! Finally great old King of Beers Budweiser has helped us get out here. We've heard that people like rock ‘n roll and to get down like us, so we hope to connect with the culture.

Are there any Australian bands you’d like to check out?
I just wanna see Dune Rats again!

Have you tried any Aussie beers? Got a favourite?
Just tried Resch's, it was pretty good!

What excites you about music in 2016?
That everybody is bad so we can stand out! Just kidding.

Wikipedia says you guys went to high school with Chance The Rapper. Is this true or just Wikipedia BS?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve read about your band?
"Wise beyond their years."

You guys have hosted gigs in Clay’s basement before, how wild does it get at these shows?
He used to live at a DIY house called Animal Kingdom, they had 3-4 shows a week. It's closed now. Great joint, now he lives with his mom.

A lot of people are excited that Twin Peaks the show has been rebooted. What would a TV show about Twin Peaks the band be like?
Vinyl the show, but not shitty. Game of Shrooms.

How would you describe Chicago’s music scene?
Eclectic, close knit and awesome!

What bands from Chicago should we be listening to?
The Hecks, NeHi, Strange Faces, The Funs, Cutworms, The Lemons, Today's Hits, Modern Vices, Wilco...

Don’t miss Twin Peaks ripping in at Oxford Art Factory tonight!

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Posted 10 May 2016 by Blog Author

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