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Top 5 Boy's Style From Charli XCX Boys

Posted 07 August 2017 by Blog Author

60 boys enter. Five Boys are rated. One banger remains.

ICYMI, pop savant Charli XCX has dropped her new single - the sugary and super catchy Boys – and grabbed pretty much every cool dude around PLUS a bunch of puppies to star in the video clip.

It’s a candy coloured who’s who of musos, actors, models and whatever it is The Fat Jewish actually does. In their fields, these guys are all champions, but we’re not here to hand out participation awards. We’re here to cast judgement on the threads they rock.

1. Chromeo

Where you know them from: Being the best Canadian electro-funk duo.

Chromeo definitely bring the variety when the duo get together. Do you go for boss simplicity with grey marl hoodie like P-Thugg? Or do you rock vintage checks over a basic tee for Dave 1’s classic rock n’ roll vibe?

2. Oli Sykes

Where you know them from: Yelly/Screamy/Singy guy from UK sad-boys, Bring Me The Horizon

For a guy with records heavy in riffs as well as emotions, old mate Oli looks super chill. Probs because it’s hard to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders when your chilling in a lightweight resort print shirt. Throw on the retro silhouette with some busted denim and you’re ready to throw down in the pit.

3. The Cobra Snake

Where you know them from: Taking photos of every party you wish you were at.

Normally behind the lens, it’s rad to see Mark Hunter, AKA The Cobra Snake, in front of one. He’s all over the retro florals becoming this season’s must-have print and his slouchy cap game is A1.

4. Joey Bada$$

Where you know them from: Being the hottest thing outta the NYC since Jay-Z.

Joey’s style game is as tight as his rhyme schemes. The All Amerikan Bada$$ knows keeping it simple means your street style is on point. A boxy fleece in a statement colour on top of a faded denim wash with maybe a touch of decon will keep you lookin’ straight $$.

5. Mac DeMarco

Where you know them from: Lo-fi indie rock n’ roll and taking his mum on tour.

Look at this absolute legend. He has a guitar, a trashed pair of jeans and absolutely zero f*cks to give. The Peperoni Playboy Mac DeMarco doesn’t give a single one. He just does him. His trashed vintage denim is tight too.

Where would you rank on this list? Hit the links below and up your game.

Posted 07 August 2017 by Blog Author

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