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Founded in 1908, Converse shoes have a deep and rich history across art, sport and culture, lending its enduring silhouettes to celebrated places in time. When it comes to a men’s and women’s shoe brand that’s loved around the world, Converse sneakers and apparel are THE skating footwear and lifestyle quintessential.



Converse is the prominent sneaker brand preferred by rock stars, artists and skaters alike, continuing to retain its relevance decade after decade. Famed for its Chuck Taylor All Star High-Tops, one of the highest-selling basketball shoes of all time, the brand is also renowned for the Converse One Star sneakers, and of course, the coveted platform outsole style.

Without any doubt, Converse is one of the planet’s most-cherished brands, with a style that is certainly distinct and very sought-after. However, Converse shoes aren’t just about the aesthetic – they’re also about remaining timeless. Converse embraces a culture, and there are many sub-cultures that have embraced Converse in return.

The shoe has been spotted on every stage star from the Ramones to Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, and was massively important in crafting the identity of 90s pop-punk. From white to black Converse shoes, high top to low top, they’ve become an emblem of rebellion in a period where the alternative was technology-focused, high-octane sportswear. The laid-back style is the brand’s greatest strength and continues to contribute to its timeless appeal across ages and personalities.

Converse sneakers and apparel has always found itself the darling of a counterculture that would not give up its favourite shoe amid new competition and new temptations, owed to its genuine legacy and its visual appeal, of course. The different styles, colours and aesthetics remain popular with musicians, skaters, celebrities and sportspeople across the world.

Converse is a phenomenon that extends long beyond just visuals, and into an entire story that the brand is rightfully hugely protective and very proud of. In fact, rather than fight the technology wave, converse shoes embrace a place in culture that allows the brand to branch into experimental colour use and prints, even including LGBTQI+-themed styles. This has shown a commitment to inclusion and social change that many other brands have not mirrored yet.

At General Pants, we are so proud to stock a number of Converse styles in tons of finishes, including the timeless Chuck Taylor Converse and the Converse One Star styles. After all, these are the cornerstone silhouettes that continue to inspire new generations of fans.

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