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Founded in 1966 in Anaheim, California, Vans has been “off the wall” ever since, holding itself as the alternative choice for skaters around the globe. Brothers Jim and Paul van Doren, along with Gordon Lee and Serge Delia, created the game-changing brand from humble beginnings where shoes were actually sold directly to the public, representative of the brand’s DIY, counter-culture spirit.

In 1977 they debuted the now-famous Old Skool shoe, a style that has become synonymous with skate culture and has found its image far beyond even that. Music videos, movies, sports event, have all been witness to the timeless sidestripe across the canvas. The Old Skool is renowned as the first ever skate shoe to incorporate leather panels designed to provide increased durability, and is now the peerless emblem of the brand. Next up was the Sk8-Hi shoe, introduced in 1978, featuring the high top silhouette. The high top features padding above the ankle, a node to its skate roots where the padding is designed to provide protection from the daily abuses the shins of every skaters takes. The fusion of skate-conscious utilitarianism and eye-catching visuals is what the Vans brand has modelled itself on since its early days, and continues to do so.

Today, Vans is the ultimate skate brand that has managed to attain mainstream acknowledgement without ever cutting ties with its skate roots. The brand is embraced by skaters throughout the world, and its timeless simplicity allows places them on the feet of the more fashion conscious too. At General Pants, we stock a solid collection of vintage styles including the Old Skool and Sk8-Hi, in men’s and women’s sizing.