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Men's Jackets

Our range of jackets cover every season, putting focus not only on trends and seasonality, but on comfort, warmth, and high quality construction. Jackets are important things, designed first and foremost to protect us from the elements, sure, but they are also the last layer we put on, the first layer other people see. Wearing a jacket is wearing your style on your sleeve, so it is important to pick what you’re comfortable in, and work with what matches your vibes.

Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket has been around for decades for military use, but seeped into subcultures of the real world around 1980, finding its home within punk and skinhead movements. Since then the bomber has diversified its influence, and at this point belongs in streetwear and in high fashion. The bomber was established from necessity, and so it remains a jacket that is designed primarily for functionality, comfort, and ease. Our range of bomber jackets largely stick to the traditional bomber silhouette with the usual features: ribbed trim, arm zips, tough shell. However, we also offer a few updated bomber styles, featuring elongated lengths, cropped styles, and printed finishes like camo.

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets belong in every wardrobe, no excuses. Regardless of personal style, there is a denim jacket to suit every occasion and vibe. The denim jacket was born in the 1870s, the brainchild of Levi Strauss, and has endured countless eras since, being adorned by James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and just about everyone else since. Denim jackets have and will continue to survive the cut throat nature of fashion due to its versatility and wide range of cuts, from the century-old classic fits to 80s boxy cuts and contemporary fitted shapes. Our range is varied, fronted by denim lovers like Ksubi, Wrangler and Levi’s. At GP, we are super-serious about denim – and that doesn’t stop at jeans. Our denim jackets are designed in a large spectrum of silhouettes from oversized to fitted, in most washes across black, white, and across blue.

Outdoor Jackets

With summer jackets out the way, there’s still plenty of focus on winter necessities. The windbreaker of course is transseasonal, designed to combat the wettest forces regardless of temperatures. Our windbreakers are spearheaded by sports-centric New Balance, Adidas, and Reebok. We are serious about offer cold-climate comfort that doesn’t sleep on style, and this is where our coats range comes in. Tailored in a range of fits, our coats focus on high quality fabrics and craft, especially by Ksubi, Zanerobe, and Neuw. We also offer a selection of styles designed to beat the cold, including Borg collar designs and parkas.

Winter without a jacket doesn't cut it, but there’s always those lagging summer days where an extra layer would not be out of place. For winter there are coats and parkas, but summer still needs the windbreaker, traditional and reimagined bomber jackets by Ksubi and Neuw, and denim jackets in all fits.

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