Stüssy has remained true to its So-Cal roots, dreaming up easy to wear, from the beach-to-the-street apparel and accessories to help you keep that good vibe going. Always true to its founding philosophies, the brand has been embraced by skaters, punks, and surfers the world over since its inception, which has only reinforced the credibility of the brand.



Stussy was founded in 1980 in California, beginning a story that would borrow and respect elements of reggae, punk, and new wave music, over a strictly surf-inspired visual. In 1984, the brand moved into apparel production and design, marking their caps not with sports team emblems, but with the brand’s logo itself. They were a frontrunner in the establishment of what is now known as streetwear, or the streetwear aesthetic. Without Stussy, it is hard to imagine streetwear being the enriched place it is in the current day. The brand is now more popular than ever because it chooses carefully where, and how, it represents itself, which allows the aesthetic to thrive, and invites new lovers of the brand to learn about its unique approach.

Shop online at General Pants for a strong, wide selection of Stussy garments and accessories. Across men's and women's clothing, we are serious about representing the brand in the way that it should be, and bringing the brand to an audience that understands the importance of surf and skate and its impact on how people dress in 2019. Stussy is a powerful cultural phenomenon that is here to stay, long beyond the now.

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