Mens T-Shirts


Men's T-Shirts

Styled on its own or worn underneath a jumper or jacket, the t-shirt is the ultimate must-have in any wardrobe and a super versatile layering piece. Our collection includes a range of styles - from basic short sleeve in plain colours to men's logo t-shirts and bold graphic prints - that will suit any dude.

basic tee is the building block of a good outfit. Our basic range by General Pants Co. Basics covers long and short sleeve options in a range of colours and cuts. Team these with relaxed fit denim jeans in classic blue washes for unparalleled, casual style.

The bold men’s logo t-shirt is a favourite this season, reminiscent of 90s hip-hop street wear. We stock a range of options from subtle logos to oversized lettering. Pair back with trackies and a fresh pair of Kicks.

A stripe takes a casual outfit to the next level. Whether pinstripe or thick, sportswear-inspired stripes, you’re bound to find a style to suit. Printed options are plentiful this season, with huge graphic prints or smaller detail on offer.

Shop online at General Pants for a huge range of short and long sleeve options, from basic to logo prints, from brands such as Ksubi, MISFIT, Calvin Klein, Fila, Tommy Jeans, The North Face, Rollas and more.

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