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AEYRE Home, the newest venture of the Reliquia Collective, is founded on a collection of vintage inspired lifestyle pieces for the modern home. Acting as the lifestyle and homewares branch of the collective, AEYRE looks to celebrate and elevate the spaces we live and work in.

Their curated lifestyle range includes incense, hand-poured candles, coasters, trays, glassware and candle holders that all have a unique 70’s vintage flare. AEYRE is best known for their resin pieces, particularly their coasters that come in a variety of bold colours and designs. But it’s their glassware range of cups and mugs that can be used to style and elevate any space, no matter your home’s colour palette or style.

For all the candle lovers out there, look no further. AEYRE’s candle range includes double wick soy blend candles in stunning glass candle holders, sphere candles and traditional taper candles. If incense is more your style, AEYRE also has a range of scents and incense holders available.

To liven up your bathrooms, you can’t look past AEYRE’s range of printed towels. Their unique pastel checker print towels come in a range of purples, blues, greens and pinks. Shop the AEYRE Home range at General Pants Co. online or in-store today!