Ideas, individuality and authenticity have developed ksubi into a tangible subculture. The brand was founded in 1999 and quickly found its place in fashion as a pioneering and disruptive jean maker, and today Ksubi is as relevant and thought provoking as ever, with a focus on quality design with highly conceptual nuances, pursuing a topical fashion aesthetic, and creating signature denim.



Ksubi is a carefully curated men’s and women’s clothing and accessories brand with a focus on quality fabrics and great concepts, with particular attention paid to creating innovative denim pieces, including jackets, jeans and shirts. Highly regarded internationally, Ksubi has found itself a major point of reference across hip hop in recent years, nodding to its credibility as a seal of individuality. Founded in 1999, Ksubi is loved for its signature denim, which places significant importance on creating jeans that utilise the best fabrics and design. Ksubi’s deliberate visual style and don’t-care attitude converges to create a brand that exists on its own. Without peer, Ksubi is able to establish its own rules that never cross with changeable and frivolous consumer trends.

Our Ksubi collection is focused on premium quality denim that works across a number of garments. Not limited to jeans, Ksubi keeps a close eye on jackets, shirts, and shorts. Across jeans, Ksubi puts lots of focus on denim that can be subtle, and several pieces that are quite the opposite. There’s no rule with Ksubi on what is what, as we offer Chlo Wasted jeans in simple washes with minimal detailing, and other Chlo Wasted styles with a bleach wash and a focus on rips and repairs throughout. The same applies to men’s jeans and, as innovative and irreverent as Ksubi is, largely speaking there is a style among its varied collection suitable for every taste, due to its approach to both simplicity and eye-catching, experimental detail.

Beyond denim, Ksubi is experimental in its women’s dresses silhouettes, and is super-focused in its attention to detail across the board. Ksubi’s T-shirt regard quality over all else, with attention to detail always given plenty of energy in the design process. The brand’s long sleeve and short sleeve T-shirts are made in premium fabrics with careful embroidery and branding featured.

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