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A youthful label produced under the fashion house of Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Jeans creates contemporary collegiate inspired men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. With far more than just jeans, Tommy Jeans designs seasonal staples you won’t be able to live without. From sweatpants to crewnecks, hoodies, t-shirts, baby tees, dresses, pants, hats and more. Providing a palette of playful tones and neutral hues, their pieces are perfect for stocking up on basics as well as going bold using colour to make the ultimate statement. Explore the curated Tommy Jeans Australia collection with General Pants now and take your style game to the next level!

Synonymous with the classic American colours of navy, red and white, the iconic brand brings their latest label Tommy Jeans to General Pants. Elevating Hilfiger’s traditional cuts and colours, Tommy Jeans blends innovative designs and youthful street style in a new take on Americana contemporary culture. The Tommy Jeans Australia collection steps outside the box and provides young millennials with modern, fun, and fresh pieces that differentiate from the more conventional style of the Tommy Hilfiger Group.

Playing off Hilfiger’s original designs from the 80s and 90s, Tommy Jeans feature vintage-inspired jeans, pants, tees, jackets, crewnecks, hats, accessories and more all stamped with the signature flag logo. The Tommy Jeans collection also has a variety of colours and prints to complement your style. From the classic rich red, navy and whites to pastel pinks, blues and purples. Whether you want to keep it cosy in sweats and a jumper or get dressed up, Tommy Jeans has something to suit every occasion. All their items, while casual in nature, can easily be styled for more formal outings with your favourite accessories and shoes.

If you’re looking to invest in a Tommy Jeans piece, their collegiate logo jumpers, rugby polos and basic tees are a great first item to grab. Easily worn on the day-to-day with your favourite pants and sneaker combo or swap to a skirt or shorts for summer and warmer weather.

Living in a cooler climate? Explore the Tommy Jeans sweatpants. They are a staple item to add to your weekend wardrobe for couch surfing or low-key hangouts with friends. Just add a sick shoe to top it off.

The youthful brand explores retro athleisure, poised preppy style, contemporary street, and the hype beast aesthetic to deliver unique pieces you need in your clothing collection. Shop Tommy Jeans Australia with General Pants online or in-store today.