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Birkenstock Sandals & Clogs

A pioneer in footwear design, Birkenstock has been producing its signature shoes since the release of its iconic Madrid style in the late 60s. Now a staple in every Aussie’s closet and acquiring the nickname ‘Birks’, Birkenstock’s have made a footprint on our soles with their easy to wear designs. Designed to promote healthy walking habits, the Birkenstock sandal is made to mould to your foot shape and provide added support as you move. As Birkenstock stockists, we have a variety of Birkenstock men’s and women’s shoe styles to choose from. Including the popular Birkenstock Arizona, Boston, Madrid, Milano, Mayari and more! Explore the collection now.

About Birkenstock Shoes

The Birkenstock brand was born in 1774 Germany by Johann Adam Birkenstock. It first began with the invention of Birkenstock’s ‘footbed’, a first of its kind custom shoe insert offering unique support to the wearer. While their infamous footwear quickly followed suit, with the introduction of their first shoe the Madrid. Now, Birkenstock remains one of the world’s top footwear brands, known for its orthopaedic support and stylish shoes.

Some of Our Favourite Birkenstocks

Did you know Birkenstock still uses their original footbed in their shoe designs today? Along with the highest quality materials to produce a pair of shoes you can wear for years and years to come. Their deep commitment to sustainability means Birkenstock only uses environmentally friendly quality materials. This includes their synthetic material, full-grain leathers, soft suede and more.

At General Pants, we take pride in offering a diverse range of Birkenstocks in a variety of materials that cater to every individual’s style and comfort preferences. Our collection includes classic options like Birkenstock suede, providing both style and durability. For those seeking a more sporty and versatile choice, we have a selection of rubber Birkenstocks that are perfect for any outdoor adventure or casual day out.

The Arizona Birkenstock

As a summer shoe staple, Birkenstock has been adopted by everyone from celebrities to sports stars and influencers alike. One of the most popular unisex shoe styles is the Birkenstock Arizona. This timeless design is a simple sandal with two straps for added support and offers the best in shoe comfort. Both men and women can easily style this sandal into an Insta-worthy summer ‘fit by adding some denim shorts, a linen shirt, a dad cap and sunglasses. Or for the cooler weather, simply pair with your favourite pair of jeans and a t-shirt for a laidback look.

The Boston Birkenstock

Another Birkenstock shoe that has risen in popularity in recent years is the Birkenstock Boston style. Popularised by influencers and icons such as Emma Chamberlain and Kendall Jenner, the 70’s chic shoe brings effortless style and cushioned comfort to fashion’s forefront. A great shoe for those living in cooler climates, the Birkenstock Boston, also known as the Birkenstock clogs, can easily be styled with chinos, an oversized button-up shirt and layered chains for a work-inspired look. Or keep it low-key and rock the Boston shoe with your favourite trackies and jumper. The options are endless!

Another reason to love Birkenstock is their wide variety of colourways available. Keep it neutral with the classic earthy tones of black Birkenstocks, white and brown Birkenstocks or add a pop of colour to your look with Birkenstock’s bright hues and bold prints.

Shop Birkenstock Australia shoes online at General Pants Co. As Birkenstock stockists, we offer a variety of timeless sandals for men and women in a selection of colourways. Explore the Birkenstock collection online or visit us in-store to browse Birkenstock’s in person.

Birkenstock Sandals & Shoes FAQs:

How to clean Birkenstocks?

Start by brushing off any loose dirt with a soft brush. Using a mixture of mild soap and water, gently scrub the footbed and straps with a soft cloth or sponge. Be sure to avoid soaking them, excessive moisture can damage the cork. After cleaning, let them air dry away from direct heat sources. For rubber Birkenstocks, a quick wipe with a damp cloth will suffice.

Are Birkenstocks good for my feet?

Birkenstock sandals are generally considered good for your feet due to their contoured footbed with arch support, shock absorption and spacious toe area, which can promote proper foot alignment, reduce discomfort and provide long-term comfort.

What’s the difference between Birkenstock models like Arizona and Boston?

The main difference between Birkenstock models, like the Arizona and Boston, lies in their design and purpose. The classic Arizona Birkenstock sandal has two adjustable straps that go over the foot, providing a secure fit and breathability. It’s an open-toe style that suits warm weather and casual occasions. The Birkenstock Boston is a closed-toe clog-style shoe with a single adjustable strap across the instep. It offers more coverage and is suitable for cooler weather.

Can you wear Birkenstocks with socks?

You can wear Birkenstock sandals with socks , a style choice that has recently gained popularity. Wearing socks with Birkenstocks can provide additional comfort and warmth, making them suitable for the cooler weather. It is a fashion statement that combines comfort and individual style, but it may not be everyone’s preference.