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Rollas Clothing

Rollas clothing is known for its timeless and vintage-inspired fashion pieces. With a nod to the iconic styles of the 70s and 80s, Rollas crafts high-quality denim, tees and casual wear. A stand out favourite in the collection is the Rollas jeans that come in a range of styles including the flare jeans, Sailor jeans and Heidi jeans look.

About The Rollas Brand

Founded by design duo Andy Paltos and Sarah Gilsenan, Rolla's was established to create a more personal brand that borrows elements of Australian culture and champions the Australian spirit and sense of humour. They work to create simple clothing that embodies the essence of the 1970s with a clean, modern and uniquely Australian look.

Denim is the major focus of the brand, with a wide range of trend-driven styles available for both men and women.

Some of Our Favourite Rollas Clothing Pieces

This season, we're all about straight leg jeans. These come in a variety of classic washes from jet black to vintage blue. They also offer a range of other women's denim styles: including skinny jeans, mom jeans, denim shorts, denim skirts and denim jackets.

For the guys, relaxed fit jeans are the winner. Easy-wearing and super comfortable, Rolla's offers a number of styles, including the Rollies Jean and the Relaxo Chop Jean. Skinny jeans are as popular as ever, with the Stinger Jean available in a variety of colours. Other men's denim styles to look for include cropped jeans, tapered jeans, ripped jeans, denim shorts and denim jackets. Much like the ladies, denim washes lean towards vintage-inspired blues, rich blue and classic black.

Made to match with denim, Rolla's apparel stays true to the essence of the brand. Women's styles include sherpa jackets, long sleeve blouses, knitwear, classic t-shirts in short and long sleeves and plenty of dresses. Men's styles include a number of short and long sleeve shirts with workwear detail, a nod to the working man of Australia, as well as t-shirts with retro branding printed across the chest, cord jackets and casual knit jumpers.

Rollas FAQs:

What sets Rollas denim apart from other brands?

Rollas denim is crafted with a focus on quality and fit. Our unique designs draw inspiration from the vintage eras, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit that transcends trends. Each pair of Rollas jeans undergoes rigorous testing and quality control to provide a premium denim experience.

Where can I find Rollas clothing and how can I ensure I’m purchasing authentic Rollas products?

At General Pants, we only stock genuine Rollas clothing. To ensure authenticity, always purchase from reputable sources like the General Pants official website or in-store at any General Pants. Each Rollas product comes with a distinctive label and branding that signifies its authenticity.

How to care for Rollas denim to ensure its longevity?

To extend the life of your Rollas denim, we recommend washing them inside out in cold water to preserve colour and reduce wear. Line drying or using a low heat setting in the dryer helps maintain the fabric’s integrity. Avoid excessive washing to prevent fading, and consider spot cleaning or airing them out between wears for a fresh look.