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Neuw Denim

Neuw is a contemporary denim brand inspired by vintage denim from the 60s and 70s. Neuw creates jeans and other clothing that seamlessly blend classic styles with modern innovation. Their dedication to sustainable practices and ethical manufacturing ensures that Neuw Denim offers timeless fashion and aligns with responsible and conscious consumer values.

About Neuw Denim

Neuw Denim was born in Melbourne when Swedish denim guru Par Lundqvist teamed up with a couple of locals to create a modern brand inspired by vintage denim and its culture. Today the brand works to reinvent premium denim and traditional silhouettes for a contemporary look. Scroll through their large range of apparel, which pairs perfectly with their iconic Neuw jeans.

Our Neuw Denim Picks

Neuw Women’s

For girls, whilst their Marilyn Skinny Jean remains a hero of their range, their 90s-inspired styles are fast becoming the go-to fits of the season. The Sade Jean is baggy, known for its comfortable fit and loose silhouette. The Neuw Lola Mom Jeans are the classic mom jeans if you prefer a tapered profile. Available in a range of washes in black, blue and white. Their denim styles aren’t limited to just jeans, though, with their denim skirt and denim short offerings just as appealing for the warmer months. Choose from classic, frayed or distressed styles to find your perfect piece. Pair them back with one of their signature Jonesy Singlets and a pair of sneakers for the perfect ‘fit all year long.

Neuw Men’s

For the guys this season, it’s the slim straight jeans. The Ray Straight Jean is the modern straight fit with more room through the leg. For the more baggy and loose profile, the Studio Relaxed Jeans offer their widest leg and are inspired by the original jeans once worn by Jean Michel Basquiat. All their jean styles pair nicely with their t-shirt range, offering comfort from head to toe. Choose from their signature Repressed Records t-shirts or one of their understated Band t-shirts to complete your look. Just add a pair of sneakers, and you’re ready for anything.

Update your wardrobe at General Pants with Neuw’s range of shorts, skirts, long and short sleeve shirts and t-shirts.

Neuw Denim FAQs:

What makes Neuw denim jeans unique compared to other denim brands?

Neuw denim stands out for its fusion of vintage-inspired designs with modern aesthetics. New jeans are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offering a comfortable fit. Neuw jeans also focuses on innovative denim fabrics and finishes, ensuring each pair is a premium addition to your wardrobe.

Where can I find Neuw denim products?

At General Pants, we stock our favourite Neuw denim products and offer a wide range to suit various style preferences. Shop in-store or online at General Pants today and browse the Neuw denim range.

How do I look after my Neuw denim?

To prolong the life of your Neuw denim jeans, we recommend washing them inside out and in cold water. Avoid excessive washing to prevent fading, and consider spot cleaning or airing them out between wears for a fresh appearance. Proper care will ensure your Neuw denim jeans stay stylish and comfortable for years to come.