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Women’s Mid Rise Jeans

Neither high wearing nor low rise, women's mid rise jeans are exactly what you expect them to be - the perfect middle ground. Sitting just below the natural waistline, mid-rise jeans tend to sit just above your hips but just below your belly button (or navel if we want to get scientific about it).

Women's mid rise jeans are the perfect solution if you want a little more coverage than low rise jeans provide, but find high rise jeans styles uncomfortable to wear. Our extensive range of mid rise jeans has plenty of styles in it to keep you comfortable and on-trend every season.

Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

If you like the waistline but want something to flatter your curves a little more, our mid rise skinny jeans are the perfect option. Flattering on the hips and down through the legs, plus you'll find a range of washes from light to dark denim and even black mid rise jeans in this style.

Mid Rise Straight Leg Jeans

We know some ladies prefer a more relaxed fit in their jeans which is why we offer classic mid rise straight leg jeans, so you've still got a flattering cut but a little more room to run. This range includes some ripped styles if you're after more of a grunge look, two-tone jeans to make a statement, and classic denim washes so you can enjoy a more traditional style

Baggy Mid Waist Jeans

For the gals that want a maximum comfort style that surpasses a relaxed fit, our baggy mid rise jeans are the perfect solution. Made to go with classic sneakers like a pair of Converse and a tee, this style is trendy and comfortable all in one.

With all your favourite brands like Rollas, Wrangler, Insight and so much more, our range of women's mid rise jeans has every fit you could ever need. Shop them online or in store with General Pants Co now.

Women's Mid Rise Jeans FAQ's:

Can women’s mid rise jeans be dressed up for more formal occasions?

Mid rise jeans can be dressed up for more formal settings with the right styling. Pair them with a tucked-in blouse, a blazer and heels for a sophisticated look. Choosing mid rise jeans in darker colours or with minimal distressing creates a more polished appearance.

Can women’s mid rise jeans be worn with different footwear styles?

Women’s mid rise jeans are highly versatile and can be paired with various footwear options. For a casual look, team them up with sneakers, flats or ankle boots. Elevate the style by wearing mid waist jeans with heels or heeled boots for a more sophisticated look. The moderate rise of these jeans makes them compatible with a wide range of shoe styles.