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Women's Denim Jumpsuits & Overalls

Versatile Women’s Overalls

Discover our versatile range of women’s jumpsuits, playsuits and overalls, offering the perfect solution for on-piece dressing. This season, we’re embracing a diverse selection, from classic overalls and denim jumpsuits with 90s-inspired designs to contemporary boiler suits that keep you cosy as the temperature drops. Our collection also features women’s short overalls so that you can wear overalls in the warmer season. You will also find lightweight playsuits in neutral colours for a more feminine look.

For denim enthusiasts, the General Pants collection includes a stunning variety of denim jumpsuits and overalls. Take your pick from heavyweight rigid fabrics to softer, more lightweight denim styles in vintage blue, deep blue and crisp white washes. Pair your denim jumpsuit or denim overalls with a snug-fitting skivvy top and a pair of iconic leather Dr. Marten boots to achieve a stylish grunge vibe.

Styling Women’s Denim Overalls

This season, boiler suits are making a significant statement. Embrace workwear-inspired designs available in classic denim, lightweight cotton and shiny nylon fabrics, catering to various preferences. Elevate your look by dressing up your boiler suit with a pair of heels and a chic leather clutch for a nighttime ensemble that’s undeniably on-trend.

The wide-leg jumpsuit trend is as popular as ever. Look for cropped styles that finish just above the ankle, perfect for taking your winter dressing to the next level. We are particularly fond of bold colours this season, including burnt orange, rust, mustard yellow and sea green, allowing you to make a striking fashion statement.

A well-chosen jumpsuit or overalls can be a girl’s best friend. Shop online at General Pants for a wide range of styles, denim playsuits, black denim jumpsuits, denim rompers and denim jumpsuit shorts. Our collection caters to every body shape and dress sense, ensuring you’ll find the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Women’s Denim Jumpsuits & Overalls FAQ's:

What is the difference between denim overalls and denim playsuits?

The key distinction between women’s denim jumpsuits and denim overalls lies in their overall design and structure. Denim jumpsuits are one-piece garments that seamlessly combine a top and bottom into a single, continuous piece, resembling a jumpsuit or romper. On the other hand, denim overalls consist of a bib or front flap attached to trousers, allowing for a two-piece appearance with separate top and bottom components.

Can women’s jumpsuits and overalls be worn year-round and how can they be adapted for different seasons?

Women’s denim jumpsuits and denim overalls can be worn year-round with some thoughtful styling adjustments. In warmer seasons, opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics for both jumpsuits and overalls. Sleeveless or short-sleeved jumpsuits paired with sandals or sneakers are perfect for summer, while short overalls with a tank top offer a casual and comfortable look. In colder weather, layer denim jumpsuits with sweaters or jackets and pair overalls with long-sleeved tops and boots for added warmth. Our women’s denim jumpsuits and overalls are very adaptable and versatile when the pairings are slightly altered.