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Baggy Jeans

Let's face it, baggy is THE style of the season. In 2023 it's all about oversized teeschunky sneakers, and baggy jeans making their comeback. With your favourite pair of baggy jeans in hand, you'll be living and breathing that iconic 90's style, especially if you team your jeans up with butterfly clips and a knitted blouse. Casual comfort is where it’s at for these jeans, allowing you to embrace your off duty look with style.

Denim and Black Baggy Jeans

These boyfriend style jeans come in a variety of washes and cuts. Classic dark blue denim can never go wrong, and the on-trend light blue baggy jeans will complete any outfit. Darker hues like our black baggy jeans work well in any season and are a key detail in any signature 90’s look. Our picks would have to be the iconic Sade Baggy Jeans by Neuw, where you can choose from a black or blue wash and a clean or ripped style.

Mid Rise and Low Rise Baggy Jeans

Mid rise and low rise baggy jeans offer a relaxed and casual aesthetic, characterised by a comfortable fit around the hips and thighs. These styles differ in the placement of the waistline, with mid rise sitting slightly below he natural waist and low-rise resting even lower for a more laid-back look. To create an alternative look, mid rise and low rise baggy ripped jeans paired with some cool sneakers is a stylish touch. Popularised for their urban and streetwear appeal, both mid-rise and low-rise baggy jeans provide a fashionable option for those seeking comfort and style.

Styling Your Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans prove that comfort and style aren't mutually exclusive, with the option to serve any look, be it casual or dressy. For a laid back vibe, some classic Old-Skool Vans and a vintage style tee will go hand in hand. Going out? Steal from fashion week aficionados by pairing baggy jeans with heels for a particularly modern take, or go grunge with leather boots.

Shop this fit from your favourite brands like LevisInsightLee, NeuwABRAND, Rollas and Wrangler.

Women' Baggy Jeans FAQs:

What distinguishes women’s baggy jeans from other styles?

Women's baggy jeans are characterised by their loose fit around the hips and thighs, providing a relaxed and comfortable shape. Unlike skinny or straight-leg jeans, baggy jeans offer a more causal and urban look, making them a popular, on-trend style.

Are there specific body types that look better in women's baggy jeans?

Women's baggy jeans can compliment various body types. For those with a curvier figure, opting for a high rise or mid rise baggy jeans style can provide a flattering look by emphasising the waist. Individuals with a more athletic build may prefer low rise baggy jeans for a relaxed fit. The key is to experiment with different rises and cuts to find the most comfortable and flattering option for individual body shapes and style preferences.