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Stussy Clothing and Accessories

When it comes to streetwear fashion, Stussy has been setting trends since the early 80s. Now a wardrobe essential for many, Stussy apparel and accessories has become a leader in urban style. Stussy’s pieces can be styled in a range of ways to express individual style. Created with both comfort and style in mind, Stussy’s clothing and accessories effortlessly blend form and function. As Stussy stockists, at General Pants, we offer a wide selection of Stussy men’s and women’s apparel. This includes iconic pieces like Stussy hoodies, Stussy jackets, Stussy t-shirts and more. Explore the Stussy collection today and elevate your streetwear style.

About Stussy Australia

Stussy was founded in 1980 in California, beginning a story that would borrow and respect elements of reggae, punk, and new wave music over a strictly surf-inspired visual. In 1984, the Stussy moved into apparel production and design, marking their caps not with sports team emblems but with the brand’s logo itself. They were a frontrunner in the establishment of what is now known as streetwear or the streetwear aesthetic.

Without Stussy, it is hard to imagine streetwear being the enriched place it is in the current day. The brand is now more popular than ever because it chooses carefully where and how it represents itself, which allows the aesthetic to thrive and invites new lovers of the Stussy brand to learn about its unique approach.

Some of Our Favourite Stussy Pieces

With outfits for a range of occasions, Stussy has clothing pieces perfect for whatever your vibe is. From Stussy’s t-shirts and shorts designs to their extensive range of Stussy jumpers, jackets, jeans, shorts and playsuits, it’ll be hard not to stay comfy.

The Stussy Hoodie

As an iconic streetwear essential in the cooler months, the Stussy hoodie has found its way into the wardrobe of celebrities, athletes and influencers, becoming a symbol of urban fashion. One of our particular favourites is the classic Stussy logo hoodie, a unisex style that effortlessly blends comfort and style. Whether you’re a trendsetting man or woman, you can easily incorporate this timeless essential into your streetwear fit. Achieve a stylish look for the cooler seasons by pairing your Stussy hoodie with your go-to jeans and a tee, or add an extra layer with a dad cap and some fresh sneakers for that laidback urban vibe that Stussy is known for.

The Stussy T Shirt

Embraced by trendsetters, the Stussy T-shirt is a streetwear must-have. The Stussy Logo Tee, a classic style for men and women, is a versatile staple that automatically elevates your look. Pair your Stussy T-shirt with some distressed denim shorts, accessorise with a sleek cap and finish it off with a pair of shades. Alternatively, you can layer it under your favourite jacket for a cool laidback vibe.

We are serious about representing the Stussy brand in the way it should be and bringing it to an audience that understands the importance of surf and skate and its impact on how people dress. Stussy Australia is a powerful cultural phenomenon that is here to stay long beyond the now.

Shop online at General Pants for a strong, wide selection of Stussy jackets, shirts, tees, dresses, accessories and more. Your wardrobe and style will thank you for it.

Stussy Clothing & Accessories FAQs:

How to pronounce Stussy?

Stussy is pronounced as ‘STOO-see.’ The emphasis is on the first syllable and the ‘y’ at the end is pronounced like the letter ‘e’ in ‘see.’

Where to buy Stussy in Australia?

At General Pants, we stock a wide variety of Stussy clothing and accessories for men and women. Browse our Stussy Hoodies and Stussy T-shirts online or in-store today.

What are some iconic Stussy clothing pieces?

Stussy is known for its distinctive logo and a range of classic streetwear items. Some iconic pieces include Hoodies, logo tees, bucket hats and jackets. Explore the General Pants Stussy range to complete your casual wardrobe.

Does Stussy offer limited-edition or collaborative collections?

Stussy collaborates with other brands and artists, releasing limited-edition collections that are highly sought after by collectors and fashion enthusiasts. General Pants stocks all of the latest Stussy styles, so be sure to check out our collection today.